The Pilgrim School



Mrs A Mepsted Headteacher
Ms A Louden  Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Parry

Teaching Staff 

Mrs B Unger FS1 Class Teacher
Mrs K Styles FS2 Class Teacher
Mrs G Mitchell Year 1 class teacher
Miss C Taffs Year 2 class teacher
Miss G Cadby Year 3 class teacher
Mr J Danielsen Year 4 class teacher
Mrs L Simmons Year 5 class teacher
Mrs E Cavey Year 5 class teacher
Miss S Creaney Year 6 class teacher

Support Staff


Mrs D Adams

Office Manager 



Mrs A Richardson

Office Administrator


Mrs C Hewing




Miss E Turner
Teaching Assistant



Mrs L Everhurst
Pastoral Support Manager (SLT)

Breakfast Club



Mrs J Wadlow
Nursery Nurse
Teaching Assistant 



Mrs Dewey 

Teaching Assistant


Mrs K Greenhow
Teaching Assistant



Mrs J Monk
Teaching Assistant



Mr T Parris

Site Manager


Cleaning Staff

Mrs H Charlton
Mrs A Barber

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