The Pilgrim School

Year 6

Class Teacher: Miss Taffs

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Greenhow

 Our Pilgrim vision is the driving force behind everything we do as we explore together the two fundamental questions of, 

'Who are we?' and 

'How do we live?' 

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Year 6 Blog of Learning Adventures

2021 - 2022

Residential - Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th June



Cave bus


Tent Fun!


Night line


Nerf Guns


Wednesday 4th May

Our class book, ‘Wonder’ is all about a boy named August. Today we explored how he might feel on his first day of school and how others treat him. We explored how you should always be kind and treat everyone the same despite differences we all have. Differences are what make us all unique. We loved this lesson - especially as Mrs Dewey read to us in the story tent!


Tuesday 19th April

During the holidays, Year 6 were set an ‘eggcellent’ homework task of designing and making a creation that could transport an egg over 2m without cracking! Today, some of us tested out our creations on the playground!


Monday 28th March

 Year 6 enjoying their time in the sunny weather at forest school today.


Thursday 3rd March

Happy World Book Day! Year 6 loved their mystery book bag to celebrate world book day!


Friday 25th February

Year 6 loved Reading with their Year 1 Reading buddies today.


Wednesday 23rd February 

Year 6 spent the morning counting the money on the copper cross! 


Wednesday 26th January

Year 6 had a special visit from a Medway ranger called Rob today. We explored new ideas for developing our garden area! Take a look at some of our plans below.


Friday 7th January 

In RE today, we learnt how to understand the story of the wise and foolish builders through a D.T activity.


Friday 7th January 

Today, we explored our debate question ‘Is it right for countries to spend money on sending people into space when so many people live in poverty on Earth? We showed our Pilgrim values of respect when debating, listening and valuing other people’s opinions and thoughts.


Friday 10th December

We demonstrated our Pilgrim perseverance today, practising threading a needle and using an over stitch to create our padded tortoises. See our creations below!


Monday 6th December

Take a look at our Santa Dash photos!


Friday 26th November

Today we used a variety of materials to create our Anderson shelters to end our History learning on World War II. 


Wednesday 24th November

Years 3,4,5 and 6 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Rochester Cinema today to see ‘A dog’s way home’. We had a great time even if the walk was very windy!


Friday 12th November

Sharing Pilgrim learning! We supported Year 5 with their science investigation today by sharing how we worked scientifically to investigate a reversible change. 


Thursday 4th November

Congratulations to Team Pilgrim for coming 2nd in the Mini Youth Games Plate competition for Basketball.


Wednesday 13th October

Year 6 joined the Book Trust today for a live inspirational talk from Joseph Coelho. He spoke to us about his journey as a writer and shared one of his books with us!


Monday 11th October

In Art today, we learnt all about the artist Beatriz Milhazes. She was inspired by bright colours and simple shapes. We created collages inspired by her. Take a look below!

Friday 8th October

Take a look at some of our pop art below!


Thursday 28th September

Today we explored Roman Numerals using lolly sticks. We moved the position of the numerals to see how it changed the value of the number.


Wednesday 22nd September 

In English today, we brainstormed ideas for our poem about Rochester. Take a look at our speed writing below.


Tuesday 21st September 

Today we took a stroll along the esplanade and sketched part of the river. We had a great day.


Friday 17th September 

 In Art today, we chose a natural object to sketch showing an awareness of perspective. Take a look at some of our sketches below!


Monday 13th September

We had great fun at Forest school today whittling, gardening and making mud pies!


Thursday 9th September 

 In Guided Reading today, our piranha group created their own Oliver Jeffers style illustration of a penguin!


Monday 6th September

I am really excited to see you all on Monday 6th September! You do not need to bring anything apart from your lunch and a water bottle to school. I can't wait to hear what you have all been up to over the last 6 weeks. I have attached a picture below of our class timetable so you can see what subjects you will be learning each day!

Miss Taffs :)