The Pilgrim School

Year 4

Mrs Simmons, Mr Sverha and Mrs Burd

Class mail:

He makes the whole body fit together perfectly.  As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16

Dear Year 4,

We are so excited to see you all back at school continuing your Pilgrim journey in year 4. We are going to make sure that this year is going to be full of fun and enjoyment while learning about new and exciting topics. Although we hope that we can start the new school year in a traditional way and without any major restrictions, there will be some little changes you might need to be aware of. We will make sure that every one of you is happy with your new classroom as well as your new teachers. The year 4 staff are ready and very excited to be your guiding lights!

We wish you all the best luck in year 4!

Year 4 teachers

  • Bring a named water bottle from home
  • Wear your PE kit to school on Thursdays - remember some warm layers too, if needed
  • If you're having school dinners - try to already have an idea of what you want each day when you come to school
  • This term's homework will be set on Google Classroom as before.  It will be set on a Thursday and will be due in by 8am the following Thursday.  We will be placing a significant focus on speedy recall of our times tables - so that practice will also be good for any extra challenge.  Homework Club will take place on a Monday lunchtime - please remember to ask in plenty of time if you are struggling.
  • Wear your Forest School clothes every alternate Friday - and bring a change of clothes in case you get particularly wet or muddy
  • Bring a reading book from home to keep in your tray if you like
  • Leave all your bits and bobs at home - you won't need your own stationery or pencil cases or games etc
  • Keep talking to us - it helps us all - we're here for your whole family

Term 6 topic: ANGLO-SAXONS and SCOTS (History based topic)


 We will learn ...

  • why, where and how the invasions of Britain took place after the Roman withdrawal
  • where the Anglo-Saxons settled and what they named the places they settled in
  • about Anglo-Saxon settlements and village life
  • about Anglo-Saxon artefacts and deducing what they can teach us about Anglo-Saxon culture
  • about Anglo-Saxon religious beliefs and the gods they worshipped
  • about how the Anglo-Saxons were converted to Christianity in Britain.

Our book of the term is ...




Anglo-Saxon KS2 Facts

Awesome Anglo-Saxon Facts

TOP 10 Facts

Anglo-Saxons - facts for kids

Stars of the week

The Whole of Year 4

Our classbooks and other curriculum information

Year 4's Trip to Kent Life - ROMANS


Living Land 2022 - Our school trip to Detling


Forest School - Wild Art


Outdoor Maths - Y4 were measuring and calculating perimeters of rectilinear shapes on our school playground



Year 4 have been talking about respect and relationships in Term3. We have talked about showing respect towards each other, respect towards things and respect towards animals. We were lucky to have to Suzie the Dachshund puppy visit us one afternoon. We all fell in love with her instantly!

Year 4 Curriculum Expectations


Statutory Multiplication Test - Information for Parents